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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Stain Away uses state of the art cleaning systems and specially-formulated cleaning agents to completely clean your floors and penetrate deep-set stains within your tile and grout. While everyday mopping disinfects and removes surface dirt from the tiles, our patented system utilizes high pressure steaming hot water that provides safe removal of tough stains and grout discoloration leaving your tile floors looking like new.
*Pricing based on in home estimate only.

Tile & Grout Sealing
Applying a tile and grout sealant to your tiles floor protects your floor from future stains and even mold. Many porcelain and ceramic tiles are non-porous themselves however the grout between them absorbs dirt like a sponge. By sealing your, your entire floor becomes much more resistant to stains giving you more time to clean up accidental spills. We recommend sealing your tile after a thorough tile and grout cleaning.

Clear Sealant
Tired of scrubbing your tile floor for hours to get that like new look? Let Stain Away apply a clear sealant to your tile floor creating a clear protective stain resistant barrier over your entire floor, allowing you to clean spills more easily and effectively. Our clear sealant protects your floor from grout discoloration, deep set dirt and mold formation and is great for bathrooms and kitchens.

Color Sealant
Like our Clear sealant or color sealants protect your floors from grout discoloration, deep set dirt and mold formation by creating a protective stain resistant barrier over the entire floor. We use only premium color sealants to give your grout a uniform appearance even when covering areas of grout discoloration. We carry a full line of colors and tones to give your tile floor a brand new look.